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Aged 21, Maria suffers a cerebral haemorrhage during a boxing match. She makes a miraculous recovery but her true fight begins when she wants to return to the ring. The Swedish Boxing Federation won’t let her fight because of the accident, her mother is reluctant to even hearing Maria talk about boxing, and wherever in the world she travels to fight, it seems like someone is trying to stop her, as if a shadow was following her every step of the way… 

This is the story of Maria, a person like you and me... only she's the best boxer in the world. 

Imagine being the main character in a movie - your own movie. It’s huge, it’s flattering. It’s an adventure that is super-fun .... and SUPER-SCARY!!!

Over a period of 6 years of filming, there’s plenty of time for many of your different sides to show. You realize that you have things that you like about yourself and are proud of, and also that there are sides to you that you’re less proud of. But all of it is there and it’s what has taken me this far, that made ​​me the person I AM.

In this film you will all get to know me and my passion for boxing. You will get to follow me for a piece of my journey! 
And if you want to keep following me a little further, then this site is where I will keep you updated.
Welcome to join us on the journey of "Maria and her shadow"!

/  Maria Lindberg

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About the director

Fredric Ollerstam has many years of experience in multimedia and as a producer he has worked with both corporate films and music videos. He was the local producer for the international project "One Day on Earth" and among his more recent films you will find the noted Swedish sci-fi feature film "LFO". He has also produced documentaries such as "Something to live for" about musician Magnus Tingsek. "Maria and her shadow" is Fredric's directorial debut.

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